Nicholas Dahlheim -- An educator & researcher devoted to thinking with clarity, acting with integrity, exploring the inner realm of the Psyche, and gazing deep into the expanses of the Cosmos.

Core Interests & Activities



Ecology & Environment

Integral Philosophy of Consciousness

I've taught school at the middle school and high school level as a long-term substitute teacher, and I've tutored kids of all grade levels.

Determining how we human beings live on this planet and survive the harrowing new 21st century forms a core intellectual concern of mine.

I approach astrology with a rigorous approach rooted in the Jungian traditions of depth psychology, archetypal cosmology, Integral philosophy, as well as ancient knowledge.

Integral philosophy is the sequel to the sterility of modernist scientific materialism and the limitations of well-meaning though incoherent postmodernism.

My Personal Website--Academic Writings, Tutoring, & Astrology

An Astrological Testament: Thoughts of a Classically Educated Autodidact on the Meaning of Astrology and the Role of Astrologer


A Critique of Bill Maher on the Hustle of Religion:

Defining the Term Religion is Important



Re: Atlantic article on "New Atheists" and trying to come to grips with the movement from an Integral perspective.